fundraiser for rehearsal, a residency for experimentation in a social context

Sunday, July 21, 2019
6-9pm, free with RSVP
Cash bar, art sale, music, and conversation
Gymnasium (444 S. 5th St, Brooklyn, NY)

Please join us on Sunday, July 21st as we celebrate the first year of rehearsal and begin building toward the second.

We started rehearsal last year with the intention of providing an alternative platform for artists to experiment with emergent elements of their practice within a collaborative environment of mutual support and open critique. While keeping in mind the constraints of working in the arts, we wanted to create a space that could hold participants together—in a single place, for three consecutive days, away from the city. In the first iteration of rehearsal, participating artists and arts workers led hands-on and outdoor workshops—on the subjects of signature analysis, fiction writing, natural dyeing, local plant studies, and more—as well as guided, participatory embodiments of a technique or form of research, which varied from group movement exercises using thought diagrams, to a “walking tour” of the neighborhood toward the horizon, to individual exercises within a camera obscura built by one participating artist during the program.

The first iteration of rehearsal was made possible through the enthusiasm of the organizers and participants and the support of Karen Flatow of Crush Curatorial, who helped incubate the program and will host us again this year. To ensure that all artists and art workers can participate regardless of job flexibility or stability, we hope to raise funds to cover food, travel, and labor costs for all incoming participants.

Artworks, artists’ books, workshops, and skillshares will be for sale from the inaugural group of artists and organizers: Mira Dayal, Katie Giritlian, beck haberstroh, Josephine Heston, Aaron Akira, Justin Chance, Lili Finckel, Sunny Leerasanthanah, Cloud Naj, Lai Yi Ohlsen, and Eliza Soros. 10% of all proceeds will go back to these artists.

We also accept donations via PayPal from those who may be unable to attend in person:

We would like to thank Quinn Schoen for hosting us this evening, Karen Flatow for hosting us during rehearsal, and our artists for sharing their work with us.